Kalonji Kalala Hercule1, Mbuyi Mukendi Eugène2, MALEKANI M.Jean3, Mulopo Tona David.4, Boale Bomolo Paulin.5, Lilongo Bokaletumba Joel.6, Kabamba Ilunga Richard.7

The present study is dealing with creating an xml file which will include all information on metazoans. Then, a file written in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will be created to allow the display of the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file in a web browser. That technique will be able to permit an accurate and rapid search on information on metazoans. This will permit metazoan data to be integrated easily in interoperable applications on the Internet. This paper will allow biologists to be able to accommodate all the wildlife in a web application. We have represented Metazoans in a graph. And we used that graph to create our XML file.

Keys words: xml,  css, html, metazoa (Téléchargé l'article)